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XM Snap unveiled: It's a snap to install, not so snappy in terms of tech

XM Snap
Sirius XM Radio Inc. has just unveiled their new XM Snap device, and (sadly) it has nothing to do with Android devices at all. I had a feeling that my theory was wrong, and it looks like I was.
Instead, the XM Snap is all about it's name: being "a snap" to install. Sirius XM is billing the new XM Snap as "an easy to install, set up and use satellite radio for the vehicle."

Bob Law, Group VP and General Manager, of Sirius XM's After Market Division described the XM Snap as such: "Offering amazing value, the new XM Snap! also gives customers the opportunity to discover what makes Sirius XM the ultimate destination for the best in audio entertainment."

Employing similar technology like the XM Skydock, there's a stem that is attached to the radio for an easy DIY installation. And while I'm slightly disappointed that it's not anything crazy in terms of technology, having a simple DIY install is very important for satellite radios.

And at a price point of $59.99 - it's a damn good value.

There's also simple controls to "make it a snap to use" - essentially making sure consumers keep their eyes on the road while operating the radio. Complete with large arrow keys navigate through categories, the XM Snap also has rotary knob changes channels, and the preset keys store favorite channels for one-touch access.

Accessories are the standard issue: a Magnetic Mount Antenna and an Aux-In Cable for vehicles with aux-in capabilities.

Here's another photo of the XM Snap:
XM Snap


In a way I'm disappointed because it's not something Android-based. However, this would be a great device for my wife's car as she doesn't want something too complicated. My MyFi and SkyFi have too many buttons and she wants something that she can just channel surf with. But here's my issue with the design, her power adapter is behind her steering wheel. There is another one in the car, but it's facing the passenger side down where your feet are. Both places would not work with this design. So close to a sale, and yet... no.

The definition of underwhelming! Wow...what a bummer.

Amazing how this company can't come up with something exciting. No pause, black and white, no album art or anything to get excited about.

Oh well. Just like the Cubs - maybe next year.

It may not look like much but satellite radio has needed this type of gizmo for a long time.

I bought my parents and XM SkyFi for Xmas one year and they wanted nothing to do with installing it. They didn't want the hassle and didn't want wires and antenna all over the place.

Basically, they were afraid of the new technology.

This simple install and simple interface will be something they will enjoy.

If it's easy to use, install, and affordable, people will be more apt to try satellite radio ... at least older people.

Come-on Malone, make this company into something great! Retail should be everything BUT anemic! Give consumers something they want, like and are willing to pay a premium!

Crappy plastic radios just don't cut-it! I could do a much better job of getting produced and marketed some bad-arse, cutting edge satellite-radios that people want to buy!

Personally, I'm waiting for Malone to make my dream a reality! This management team just can't get it done!

Here we go again. This company spent how much time and how many millions to merge and what do they come up with??? Another device only useful to half of their subscribers. What's the purpose of merging if everyone involved can't reap the benefits?

Seeing a lot more XM branded stuff. Is Sirius going to be phased out?

Still relying on ridiculous antenna technology. What a dud! Meanwhile, Pandora has 65 million users, has announced a deal with Ford, and is working on a deal with other auto manufacturers. How long until the sports and news networks make internet radio deals with Pandora or some other internet radio platform? Mel, Frear, and the rest of the Midgets are gonna be toast within five years. Watch Mel sell the spectrum to Malone and head for retirement in Florida.

Actually, at first blush, I think it's a good idea. The radio HAS to be cheaper because you're paying for the service as well. With everyone being cost conscious these days, this "quick and dirty" piece makes sense to me.

this makes Sirius tech's job much easier

Can someone tell me if the head peace where the presets bottons are is detachable or is it all one peace along with the part where the volume and arrows are?