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XM will turn on 60 channels on non-activated radios for free


Owners of non-activated XM radios will be getting a surprise starting on Tuesday, November 17th. A total of 60 channels will be turned on in what will be XM's biggest free preview ever, in an event called XM's 60 Channel Challenge

That's right, 60 channels of XM will get turned on, for free.
XM radio owners will gain free access to 60 XM channels and get a taste of everything XM has to offer, including favorites like MLB Home Plate, Elvis Radio, Oprah Radio, Grateful Dead Channel and much more.

The 60 Channel Challenge will run between November 17th through November 30th.

I think this is a great idea, and hopefully Sirius will follow suit with their own channel preview. There's countless un-activated radios out there, and allowing people to sample satellite radio the best way to show the nation how great it really is.

So turn on those radios, and help spread the word! What have you got to lose? It's free!

Here's a list of all 60 free channels.

XM 5 - 50's on 5
XM 6 - 60's on 6
XM 7 - 70's on 7
XM 8 - 80's on 8
XM 18 - Elvis Radio
XM 20 - Top 20 on 20
XM 25 - The Blend
XM 26 - The Pulse
XM 28 - Escape

XM 40 - Deep Tracks
XM 41 - Hair Nation
XM 44 - 1st Wave
XM 45 - The Spectrum
XM 46 - Classic Vinyl
XM 47 - Alt Nation
XM 48 - Octane
XM 49 - Classic Rewind
XM 51 - Coffee House
XM 53 - Boneyard
XM 54 - Lithium
XM 55 - Radio Margaritaville
XM 56 - Jam On
XM 57 - Grateful Dead Channel
XM 59 - Underground Garage

XM 68 - The Heat

Dance & Electronic:
XM 81 - BPM
XM 83 - The Strobe
XM 84 - Chill

XM 12 - Outlaw
XM 13 - Willie's Place
XM 16 - The Highway
XM 17 - Prime Country

XM 70 - Real Jazz
XM 71 - Watercolors
XM 73 - Siriusly Sinatra
XM 74 - Bluesville

XM 78 - Symphony Hall
XM 79 - Met Opera Radio

XM 156 - Oprah Radio

XM 4 - Holiday Traditions
XM 23 - Holly

XM 151 - Laugh USA

XM 140 - Espn Radio
XM 143 - Sirius XM Sports Nation
XM 144 - Mad Dog Radio
XM 146 - PGA Tour
XM 175 - MLB Home Plate
XM 204 - NHL Home Ice

Talk, News, & NPR:
XM 121 - Fox News
XM 122 - CNN
XM 123 - HLN
XM 127 - CNBC
XM 130 - POTUS
XM 133 - XM Public Radio
XM 134 - NPR Now
XM 135 - WRN

Family & Health:
XM 115 - Radio Disney
XM 116 - Kids Place Live
XM 119 - Doctor Radio

XM 117 - Catholic Channel

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Thanks Alex!


Interesting concept. Sure I'll listen as my OEM unit is just idle right now since I canceled. Nice that they are giving a couple of the holiday channels in the preview.

Now they just need to leave a few on permanently to keep people who have dead subs engaged! Give away the clear "competing" stations that sound just like radio for free! Give a couple samples of "special" channels and call it a day.

An excellent idea. I wonder how they chose the channels to offer on this "preview." I'm not being critical of their choices, they look fine, but just curious.

They could also set up a special "come back to XM" info channel that would detail current subscription offers, with once- or twice-hourly announcements on these "free" channels directing people non-subscribers to the info channel if they want more info.

Permanently, or just for grins?

This is curious promotion. The readers of this blog surely all have satellite radio subscriptions. How is word getting out to those without subscriptions?

And presuming that folks either never installed the equipment or packed it away after cancelling a subscription, I wonder how many would bother to hook it all up.

This isn't a bad idea. I'm just not sure how beneficial it will be to XM.

Thanks Ryan for posting this...XM has sent nothing but we always have Orbitcast to update us. I have the helix always hooked up but just dusted off the ol Myfi and have it set up in the kitchen for this tues. Thanks again

My pleasure Prozac. :)

Now spread the word to others! I've always strongly felt that TRIALS drive SUBSCRIPTIONS. So the more people we can get to tune in, the more people who will "get it" about why satellite radio is so great.

wonder if this is part of that huge marketing advertising campaign starting november 15th

Don't need to bother, all my de-activated Sirius radios get all channels already, free, for years.

This sounds like an OEM only promo. Not very confident that plug and play radios will get the free channels.

They need to introduce some channels paid for by advertising, keep the subscription model as in but throw in some channels similar to the crap you get on terrestrial but paid for by advertising.

Every so often throw in promos for upgrades to the subscription based model.

When will those public access channels be broadcast by XM for free anyways? Its been some time since the merger, and since they have kept to their word to not raise prices and provide a la carte programming, I'm sure they have the public access channels ready to go. Right?

"....and hopefully Sirius will follow suit with their own channel preview."

Not going to happen. Even though they are one company they still use different technology in their radios. Sirus is unable, or possible unwilling, to do free previews. They never have and most likely never will. XM is the only one that does these free previews.

Sirius ran free previews last year around Christmas, a dozen channels one week and a different dozen the next.

I have advocated this as well -- a certain number of free, ad-supported channels. However, I have read that the satellite radio licenses prohibit giving the service away free. Based, again, on what I have heard, Sirius was originally conceived as a free, ad-supported service, but this was prohibited at the behest of the terrestrial radio lobby, the National Association of Broadcasters. However, I have not been able to find any official confirmation of this, so maybe someone has better or more complete information.

Anon, I cannot think of any reason why retail radios would not receive the free promo just as OEM units do, as they offer the same capability to have certain channels activated or deactivated. I guess we'll know in a couple of days.

My old disconnected one is up and at 'em... Working again as it once did.

My OEM unit was hot this morning. Sound seemed lower than I remember, but it could be just me.

I would LOVE to get a subscription to XM. There is only a few of hitches...

First why does XM need to hype the channel I am listening to? Are they trying to brainwash me? F'ing annoying. I know what channel I am listening to, I set the channel.

Second, can't they just setup a "Around XM dial" channel for those who want to know and leave the rest of us alone. Commercials for stuff on channels I do not care about is worse when I am supposedly paying for commercial free music.

Lastly... XM... save a few bucks. FIRE the DJ's. Just play the music and shut the F' up. Please.