XMp3 debuts in Popular Science - Orbitcast

XMp3 debuts in Popular Science

XMP3It appears that XM is ready to take the wraps off of the upcoming XMp3 player, and Popular Science got first dibs.

While it's a scant in the details department, there's one nugget of info that will make the XM aficionado excited. From the Popular Science write up:

"Never miss your favorite broadcasts, with an XM Radio player that can record up to five stations at once. Other portable players save only one channel, but the XMp3 can decode five incoming streams to snag multiple songs whether it's in the dock or in your pocket."
Thanks Kevin!


Oh My God!! That thing is slick! Multi recording!

You mean
I can listen to Bubba live and record the Howard West Coast replay? Listen to the Cowboys play Philly and record Lithium? What a deal!!

who is making this radio
and 5 channel recording SWEET

I'm betting 3 to $400 dollars for it too and will be limited to a 5 hour battery life.

Yeah, that really is useful. Sunday night for instance, there are three shows that compete with each other for me--Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, Hearts of Space, and a 80s-90s Dance Music show on Chrome. Some people like Kasem and Dees and there shows overlap on Saturdays and Sundays.

I wonder how much space it will hold.

If this thing can really record 5 stations at once, then it would have to hold a TON of room. I'm still holding out on it till all the details, price, and the official Orbitcast review comes out for it.

Before you SIRI fanboys get all excited, realize that this is an XM radio. It won't be a la carte compatible. You will be able to receive the 10 or so "best of" channels from SIRI, but that's it.

Still, yet another example of superior XM hardware design. They've always been 1-2 years ahead of their lackluster SIRI counterparts. Can't wait to see what the XM engineers do with the dual-mode radios once the new company cans the SIRI techs who haven't done anything original since the company started.

Sirius Guys. This is a XM Radio. NOT A SIRIUS RADIO.

Couldn't XM engineers put the Sirius chipset into this design to have a Sirius version ?

How can their still be a fight between sirius and xm fans? Its the same company guys!!

I hope this is the last single mode radio they release. If SXM wants to eliminate confusion at retail, they need to start offering only dual chip set radios. I understand that this new XM device was in development before the merger was approved and that they needed something new for the holiday season, but if the strategy is to keep releasing xm or sirius only devices, it will create even more confusion.

To all the former XM fanboys (Sirius bought XM), I feel confident that the two Howard channels, Lithium 24 and the NFL games will be available on best of Sirius that can be heard on XM radios.

leader of the pests. thanks for setting everyone straight. it is nice to know that there is someone on this blog that worked on designing and engineering this radio. and if it is in fact true than xm screwed up not making this radio a la carte capable since those radios will be on the market inside 9 months.

Based on my knowledge (and I'm sure you all realize the same) of current music players and previously released portable SIRIUS/XM units, this player will most likely have either:

1 GB internal storage with a Micro SD expansion card slot


Come in 3 flavors- Which will vary from say 4 GB,to 8 GB, to 16 GB of storage.
(Which may also have a Micro SD expansion slot, but less likely)

Of course, this is only speculation. Any thoughts?

Look at that antenna. It's a quarter of the width of the unit. Assuming it is the same size as the Inno's antenna, the unit is a good half inch narrower than the Inno.

XM's hardware has been sucking lately as well.... Where's the WiFi on this unit? How about the display?

Sorry, I had a Stiletto 2 and have an Inno - the Inno is much better than the S2 was by a long shot. The only reason I got rid of the S2 was because I couldn't get reception in my office (due to Sirius' lack of a repeater) and that I was planning on getting the iPhone 3G.

Between Pandora, Last.FM, and my music the workday goes just as fast as when I listened to the Inno,

So now I have a canceled Inno and the iPhone for my music needs. I still have a Stratus in the car that I listen to.

This is what Satrad is up against. I love my Sirius, but I just keep thinking of not renewing after my year and just getting an iPhone/iPod car solution and call it a day...

Hmmm... no punk you say? I'll stick with FlyCast.

Same awful sound quality--thanks, but no thanks. XM needs to get real about their sound quality--they've applied the FM way to all of their main formats, now it's time to apply that same philosophy to the service and get rid of the channels that have a paltry audience--sorry, but they have to get real on this front. I know it sux, but the magic of XM music programming left with Lee Abrams (and it's never coming back)--it makes no sense to have token niche channels at the expense sound quality that is worse than a clean FM signal.

Looks like it is a Samsung. Thats my guess.

2nd guess would be Audiovox

Can't wait. XM always the leader in hardware, programming and subscribers. Although with the buy-out perhaps they'll do things the Sirius way and release the same radio 9 months later ala the Stiletto 2.

The new Starmate 5 coming out is a Sirius radio and it is going to be one of the a la carte radios. There is a pretty good chance this radio could be a la carte at least. I hope so anyway.

it needs to have wifi

Really? I've had my Inno for 2 and 1/2 years and never once needed wifi. Reason? XM portables actually pick up a signal. Wifi is just a reason to pump up the price with no added value. If the unit does it's job, you can get a signal and in the rare instances you can't, you listen to recorded content. Wifi is admitting the antenna doesn't work (cough, cough, stiletto).

Should I wait for this or just order the Inno now?

I understand that this new XM device was in development before the merger was approved and that they needed something new for the holiday season, but if the strategy is to keep releasing xm or sirius only devices, it will create even more confusion