XM's Satellite Video Player

Sunday, March 5, 2006 at 7:58 AM
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XM Satellite Portable Video Player

So now this gets interesting. An anonymous reader sent in this photo of an upcoming portable video device by XM Satellite Radio. I can't attest to the validity of the photo - in a land of fancy Photochop work - who can say for sure. But I now know the device is real.

First there was this post by On2 Technologies President and CEO, Doug McIntyre, describing a truly portable video device using On2 VP7 video technology. This drew a lot of speculation, because I couldn't get a straight answer as to whether this was the Helix/Inno or something new.

But now there's a lot more information courtesy of Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck. In last week's Bear Stearns report, Peck shed some light on this device and what it's capable of.

XM demonstated this "wearable video device" to analysts recently. It has the ablity to receive live video signal in portable mode. In live mode, each channel uses 256kb of capacity using On2's video compression. Should the XM/WCS deal go through, XM will have the bandwidth capabilities to broadcast at least 20 video channels in live mode.

Even without the extra WCS bandwidth, XM could still just send the content to be cached or XM could limit the number of video channels broadcast..

Looking at the photo, this seems to have the same style form-factor as the upcoming Helix/Inno - with similar controls and interface features as the two. The size looks somewhat more like the PSP than a 5G Video iPod. At this angle though, we can't tell the thickness of it.

What's the timeline on this? Not sure, but if a few priviledged people are getting the chance to play with this thing, one can only assume it may hit the streets this year. Before the Holiday Season maybe? Who knows.



does anyone know if there is a sat radio that works in other countries (i.e. Iraq)?

Here you go... this thing most likely does exist. I think!

Here is the URL:

The XM Satelite Video Player is on Youtube... that link is invalid...

this is the one >>>


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