J.P. Morgan: Satellite radio peaking?

J.P. Morgan: Satellite radio peaking? Hot on the tail on a report about satellite radio’s big draw being about no commercials (based on a J.P. Morgan survey), J.P. Morgan come out with another story that satellite radio is peaking – concluded from the results of the same survey. The reasoning? From the survey, 35 percent said they had interest in subscribing satellite radio in December, down from the 43 percent who expressed such an interest in a May poll. “We believe [the latest poll data] shows that new content exclusives are not expanding the overall market (although they are shifting share to Sirius), that new subscribers are more price-sensitive than early adopters and that new alternative technologies, such as Apple’s iPod, may be eroding consumer interest,” wrote Analyst Barton Crockett in a note to clients. 7 percentage points? C’mon. What about subscriber numbers telling a more accurate story than a survey? It’s all about sales numbers – not surveys.