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Pros: The XM Onyx is a great introductory radio; Customizable rings and display makes it unique over other similar offerings; the PowerConnect FM transmitter make installation a snap

Cons: No pause/replay functionality; Only 10 channel presets

XM onyX

XM Onyx Overview

The XM onyX (Model # XDNX1V1) is an "entry level" satellite radio, but does offer features that other similar radios don't have - giving it a bit of an edge over other radios.

The high resolution display features an array of selectable colors, which combined with the XM onyX's customizable trim rings, let's you match the radio to your vehicle's interior lights. While this is nice, we're not sure how many people will buy the onyX just for this feature.

The onyX features 10 channel presets, One-Touch Jump to traffic and weather of the 20 most congested cities, and parental controls.

What sets the XM onyX apart though is the inclusion of the PowerConnect FM Transmitter. This is a patent-pending technology that (finally) takes the "hiss" out of connecting with your vehicle's stereo. The inclusion of the PowerConnect makes the XM onyX a hands-down winner when compared to other "entry level" satellite radios.

Radio Comparison

If you're looking for alternatives, check out the XpressEZ, but we prefer the XM onyX over the XpressEZ any day. You might also want to check out the XpressR, which has more features - like pause/replay - that the XM onyX is lacking.

XM onyX

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Where to Buy

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I recently purchased onyx and I am having trouble with reception. Is there another antenna recommended to help solve this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

This is the worst radio - the preset buttons are very hard to get to register that you pushed them. Don't fall for this radio, it's actually dangerous while driving to be messing with the presets.

First XMSR I bought. I found it very easy to use, and install took me 30 seconds. To program a favorite, turn to your favorite channel, and press and HOLD the number that you want it on.

So ya, this is very easy to use, and I enjoy it.

On another note, if your antenna is messing up too much, go to where you bought it and talk to them.