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Pros: Simple setup, clean install; Not a bad price; Plays nice with other audio services (like your own digital music collection, or other iPhone apps like Pandora, Slacker, etc.)

Cons: Limited to iPhone/iPod Touch owners, XM only (but benefits from "Best of Sirius" package added on); Doesn't allow for on-the-go listening when not docked; We wish it had time-shifting capabilities like the XMP3 but this radio has a different purpose, so a comparison against the XMP3 is unfair

XM SkyDock

SkyDock Overview

New for 2009, the XM SkyDock (model XVSAP1V1) essentially turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a control panel for your satellite radio. All the hardware of what would normally be an XM radio is built into the dock itself, while the interface and controls are managed through your iPhone.

As a result, you get less clutter in your car and a 2-in-1 solution for your iPhone/iPod Touch. And because this is a full-fledged "satellite radio" you get to enjoy all the channels that are normally available to XM subscribers - and that includes both the MLB, and Howard Stern (if you get the "Best of Sirius" package).

All in all, it's a great solution for anyone with an iPhone/iPod Touch - and with an MSRP of $120, the price isn't so bad either. The SkyDock will be available in October.

XM SkyDock

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1 Comment

Last year I bought a Skydock. I already owned an Apple iPod Touch, 32GB with wifi. I downloaded the required APP for Skydock and installed it on the iPod and all worked well.

I forgot to mention that I wanted to used the Skydock at home with my stereo as well as in the car, so I found an AC to DC adapter (with built in cigarette lighter socket) and connected the Skydock to it. I also installed an antenna to the Skydock and with plenty of signal, I listen to XM Radio from my desk. It works do well, I keep it at my desk most of the time....never mind dragging it to the car. This thing runs 24/7 without so much as a hiccup. But wait...there's more.

I came to the conclusion that I wasting a perfectly good iPod 32GB with wifi so I bought a second iPod with 8GB to replace the 32GB unit. It seemed like a logical thing to do.
So, I uninstalled the Skydock APP from the 32GB iPod; installed the App on the 8GB iPod and restarted the Skydock. Simple enough. It worked well for about 2 days, then it locked up. The display, that is. Only the display froze. The radio kept playing all the tunes from 60's on 6 (the channel I prefer) but none of the on-screen data would update. If I shut down the service and reboot everything, the system restores itself and will work for about 24 hours or so and freeze again. So, back to the original 32GB iPod. Everything works perfectly there. It stays up all the time...no issues.

I tested the 8GB iPod for all other functions and features. I cannot find anything wrong. I re-installed the Skydock APP on the 8GB and tried everything again. You guessed. It locked up after about 24 hours. I can listen but I cannot get on-screen data updates.
I checked with XM Radio to see if any issues had been reported. They knew of no problems or issues like this. They suggested rebooting, re-installing everything, which I had already done. That was not much help.

I am very happy with the Skydock and XM Radio services but this is a frustrating matter which I cannot seem to get resolved.
Can it be that Skydock is just not designed to run 24/7 and requires shut down every so often? I don't think so because the bigger, 32GB iPod doesn't have this problem. It runs for weeks and weeks without issues. The problem seems to manifest itself ONLY when I use the 8GB iPod.
As a stand-slone device, the 8GB iPod works fine. I cannot find anything wrong with it. It is running current software and firmware. Likewise, the Skydock recently did a software/firmware upgrade and is current.

Skydock is a cool gadget that affords you the opportunity to listen to XM Radio pretty much anywhere you want. What a great invention.

If anyone has a clue as to what might be the problem I would appreciate hearing for you. I want to keep this running in my house but be able to take it to my car at will. Email me or use this forum for any help you may have. Thanks.

Email is uplinkal@aol.com