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Pros: The Stratus 6 supports the latest A La Carte satellite radio packages; It features the new PowerConnect FM transmitter (which is truly amazing); Installation can''t be any easier; Priced for the budget-conscious consumer

Cons: There's no pause/replay functionality (a feature that we love); The display is a little boring; The Stratus 6 only features 10 channel presets; For just a few more dollars, you can get the Starmate 5 which sports many more features (though installation is harder)

Sirius Stratus 6

Sirius Stratus 6 Overview

The popular Stratus line of Sirius satellite radios gets expanded with the introduction of the new Sirius Stratus 6 receiver.

The Stratus 6 remains as Sirius' entry-level offering, so many features seen in more advanced satellite radios are missing in lieu of a lower-priced unit. But for those who just need a radio to be a radio, the Stratus 6 may be worth looking at.

Radio Comparison

One big feature for the Stratus 6 is its ability to receive the A La Carte satellite radio subscription packages (which let you pick-and-choose 50 to 100 channels of your liking).

As such, the Stratus 6 now serves as the budget-conscious alternative to the Starmate 5, which is also an A La Carte radio. Still, the Starmate 5 sports a ton of added features, so you might want to give it a look before you make a final decision.

The Stratus 6 also features Sirius XM Radio's new and improved PowerConnect FM transmitter - a seamless and more effective way to connect your satellite radio to your vehicle. The PowerConnect alone gives the Stratus 6 massive value - compare this connection to those in the past, and you'll immediately hear the difference.

For the budget-conscious Sirius subscriber who doesn't want to bother with a complicated install - look no further than the Stratus 6.

If you want a radio with more features but for a slightly higher price, give the Starmate 5 a closer look. The one thing I'll give the Stratus 6 over the Starmate 5 is the PowerConnect FM transmitter - the Starmate doesn't have that, yet, so installation is much more involved.

Where to Buy

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This was a decent budget no frills radio except for one very serious short coming. There is NO remote control. The radio also lacks the circuit to support a remote control therefore you cannot even add a remote. Avoid this radio if you require a remote control .

Strange you should say that. I purchased a Stratus 6 in June this year as a replacement for a Sportster 5 unit which began giving problems after 9 months.

I've been using the Sportster 5 remote at home without any problems on this radio which carries a remote sensor, that dark spot seen just above the memory 3 and 4 buttons.

Older SIRIUS radio remotes work with the Stratus 6. Mine does, anyway.

Hi. Would you say the audio fidelity is better on the Stratus 6 than the Stratus 5? Thanks.


I just bought a Stratus 6 radio. It's fine except the remote that comes with it is so tiny (4" X 1.5") that I have trouble using it. (Maybe being 83 years old has something to do with it!) Today I've been looking for a larger remote, but nobody gives the dimensions.
I still have the remote for my old Orbiter SR4000. Is there some way I can get it to work with the Stratus 6? Or does anyone know of a larger remote I can buy?