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Pros: The XpressRCi takes all the great features of the XpressRC and creates an even better receiver with the new PowerConnect FM transmitter - making XpressRCi the most advanced plug-and-play XM satellite radio receiver on the market; Has the ability to pause/replay 60 minutes of content plus adds ability to save up to 10 favorite songs; Beautiful color split-screen shows up to 4 channels at once

Cons: In a world of iPhones and iPods, 10 songs is hardly anything impressive (but that's not XM's fault, it's due to limitations imposed by the music industry on satellite radio) - aside from that, we love the XpressRCi

XpressRCi Review

XpressRCi Overview

As "plug and play" satellite radios go, there's nothing better than the all-new XpressRCi (model: XDRC2V1). The "RC" stands for "Replay Color" - meaning you can pause/replay up to 60 minutes of programming (think of it like a DVR for your radio) all in a beautiful color-screen display. (FYI, the resolution is far better than the Sirius Sportster 5, if you're comparing the two.) And the "i" designation stands for "injection" due to the incredible PowerConnect FM transmitter that is now featured in the XpressRCi.

XpressRCi and Boombox

The display features a split-screen capability, which lets you scroll through all the channels that XM offers - and see what's playing on 4 channels at once - but all without ever leaving your current channel. We liken the experience to using digital cable/satellite TV over the old days of using "channel surfing" on analog TV.


To add to the fun, the XpressRCi gives the ability to save up to 10 songs for replay later. While 10 songs might not be impressive to the gigabytes of songs you have in today's digital audio players, it's still an added bonus that is not available on other satellite radios.

Of course, you get everything you need to listen to satellite radio right out of the box with the XpressRCi: Car cradle, satellite radio antenna, and dash or vent mounting kits. Most importantly is the new XpressRCi comes with the PowerConnect FM transmitter - which pipes the FM signal through your car's electrical system, creating high-quality sound with amazingly simple installation - just plug it in, and you're done!

Radio Comparison

If you're comparison shopping between the XpressRCi and the XpressRC - go with the XpressRCi. It takes all the great features of the RC, and adds the ease of installation and superior sound quality of the PowerConnect FM transmitter (which is patent-pending).

Keep in mind that the XpressRCi is a "plug and play" radio - so it's meant for use in your vehicle or docked at home. So if you want on-the-go portable listening, check out the XMP3. The XMP3 is definitely more technologically advanced, but it's screensize is considerably smaller and the interface is harder to use while driving.

Meanwhile, if you want to save a few bucks then give the XM Onyx a look, it doesn't sport as many features as the XpressRCi, but it does have a color-screen and the PowerConnect. The XpressR is the black-and-white cousin of the XpressRCi with similar features at a lower price, but it doesn't have the PowerConnect, so it loses big points. Personally, we would choose the XpressRCi.

Once you use this satellite radio, you'll wonder how you listening to XM without it. Add in the "Best of Sirius" package (which includes Howard Stern) and you've got an incredible entertainment package for a great price.

Where to Buy

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